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Terrible customer service! Recently purchased a new home and the previous owner had Champion windows installed and during our inspection we noticed that they were failing, before we closed on the home Champion came and did and did an inspection and without any argument agreed to replace many of the windows.

We told it could be 3 months do to back orders. At about the 2 month mark we called to see if there was any type of time frame we could expect the windows to be fixed and revived no call back, finally at the end of January the half of the windows had arrived. They came right out and installed them. Not all of the windows had locks on them and the installer could get the patio door lock working so he told us to put a stick in the track to lock it and they would come back ASAP to fix them.

After a week of no contact we started calling to see when the locks and rest of the windows would be scheduled and did not even get a call back. Finally they called back and the rest of the work would be completed on March 14th, the installer showed up with only the remaining windows, no extra locks that were missing or patio lock, he would not even try and fix the lock on the patio, he only said sorry that it was not fixed and he would make a note of it. Two more weeks of calls and no return phone calls we randomly came across there booth at the Home Show and spoke with a sales person there and told them our story. The very next day we finally got a call back from Todd the service manager and he said he was sorry for everything and would come out that day to fix the locks.

When Todd arrived at our home he was very combative and told my wife he was very busy and has to prioritize his day and since we are getting everything for free he moved us to bottom of his list and would return calls when he was ready to do so. He berated her about we lost the company a $30,000 sale due to the way we acted at the home show. When the work was done we continued to rant and rave about how we are not important enough to be called back in timely manner and we need to make sure that we look over every inch of every window because when our warranty is up he will be so happy he'll never have to deal with us again. My wife told him he needed to leave because she was starting to feel uncomfortable and he continued to rant about emails he revived and he works 14 hour days.

At first we were very impressed with Champion and their warranty, they give a lifetime warranty to the purchaser of the windows and 1 year for a new home owner. We were told by multiple people we were lucky to be getting free windows, that is insulting to say the least.


Product or Service Mentioned: Champion Windows Window Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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