Janesville, Wisconsin
Customer service

Tom arrived on time for appointment after circling the block twice. I had a meeting with my oncologist scheduled for one hour later and told him I was on a tight schedule.

I showed him the bedroom I wanted windows installed in first, he measured the windows and began a sales pitch that began with an explanation of Energy Star ratings. I indicated that he needed to hurry this process as I had a brief time in which to discuss this before I needed to leave. He became upset, said he could not do his job in 30 minutes (he had 40 left at this point) and packed his materials and left.

Strong impression I missed a hardcore sales pitch. If this is the customer service going in I'd hate to see what warranty service is like.

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If the salesman was worth a ***, he would show empathy for her medical situation and give the quote. It takes about 1 minute to offer the price.


He is a salesman. Not there to give you hurry up free quotes.

Were you buying or just looking for the cheapest guy?

Did you tell him when scheduling that you only had an hour?

Oncologist appointment?

How is that his fault that you have no scheduling foresight?

Go to Home Depot. You are their customer.


You obviously don't respect the salesperson that came to your home or his time.

I would walk out too.