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We had purchased our house 2 years ago, it had a nice clean clear sliding door on the patio. Over the years since we moved in the glass has become dirty on the inside of the two pains of glass. We decided to call champion to come out and look at the glass to see if...
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I bought a house almost 4 years ago where Champion put on a sunroom and deck. The first day I moved in my foot went right through the floor boards. Champion said I was covered for 1 year by their warranty for being a new owner of the house. They sent a guy out for...
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I had champion install windows an few years ago, and all I can say is STAY AWAY from those carpetbaggers. Windows leak air, were not properly installed or sealed, as the insides get wet, and ice forms inside them and runs down onto the woodwork and walls in my liveng room.

was told my home had excessive humidity, even THIER humidity measurer proved it does not.did a *** poor job on inside trin work also, looks like Stevie Wonder is thier carpenter. after complaining year after year they called and told me that I (lucky me) was getting a new bay window installed Free. Same crapola. when the first contractor came, he brought along his wife to help him, what a joke.

They broke the front porch light and he handed me five bucks to buy and install a new one myself. When they sent the new bay window, I went outside to observe them at work, and was told if I asked anymore questions it would cost me more.Cool, hey? They then reinstalled interior trim that was not as wide as the stuff they took of, so we had to paint the entire wall to cover the part that was a different color.We could feel air entering the house fron under the new trim so we called and waited a while for them to come back,REMOVE the NEW trim, and shoot a can of spray foam around unsealed gaps around the window and the opening. Then  I had a seal fail in the bedroom window, called in April, a guy came out toVERIFY the failure, like it wasnt obvious, I showed him the kitchen window also and was told it did not meet                                     criteria to be considerred faulty.

Waited about 6 more weeks and guess what? he came back with theWRONG window. Wait another 6 to 8 weeks I was told.

Had them side the house at a later date, and got another SHODDY job, as in corner areas the siding dont even reach the vertical corners, in some spots its at least an inch short, and is visible easily without looking for it. MY HOME IS NOT MORE energy efficient an outside noise is louder than before I had them(supposedly) make it that way.

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