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Just in case you're considering Champion for a new patio door, I'm here to warn you to find another brand of door in the landfill, and have it installed in your home. You will be much better off with the discarded door, instead of paying Champion's exorbitant prices in order to give you a shoddy install for their so called, "guaranteed" door.

They will also tell you that the Champion patio door is GUARANTEED against all perils for a Lifetime. Again, I'm here to tell you that their LIFETIME is not a human lifetime, because their lifetime ends in two short years. That part of the fine print is not something that you will see or hear them discuss when they dupe you into hiring them. After two years, your door is pro-rated and most anything that goes wrong with it at that point, is the customer's responsibility and NOT theirs.

It doesn't matter whether you choose a Champion corporate business or a franchised Champion, they will all swindle your purse-strings/wallet to death. They are one of those companies that's dedicated to making a lot of money and making it fast. To make matters worse, each time we wash the siding at the rear of the house where the patio door is located, water pours into the kitchen due to their unskilled and inadequate installation. They used no sealant, caulk, foam, insulation, flashing, tape, weatherproof membrane or backer rods to keep out the cold air and the water!

In addition, the locking mechanism is no longer functioning, and guess who controls all of the parts for the door? That's right it's Champion, and they will charge you a trip fee that is more costly than boring out the door for a new type of lock!

You have been warned about dealing with this shyster outfit! They shouldn't even be in business, since they certainly do nothing but wreck people's homes and steal their hard earned money!

Product or Service Mentioned: Champion Windows Door Installation.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1828.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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What is to comment on? The review is a flat out lie.

There is no 2 year condition. For MY doors and windows there is a lifetime warranty which includes no trip charge for the first two years.

This person is an idiot, and the trip charge is under 100 dollars....enough to pay the gas to get the tech out twice. Once to inspect and once to replace.


Yes, we have Champion in Volorado...way expensive and NO warranty after 3 years.Lifetime ?They Lie, cheat and steal.Chimpanzee should be the name, but chimps dont lie.


Champion is a big scam. Their products are not good quality but you'll pay about 4x more than anywhere else, they're installation is a joke, their lifetime warranty is ***.

A very costly lesson! Do NOT get sucked into the salesmen ***.

They don't even use the materials they tell you they use! I've had nothing but problems with the windows, door and their screen doors are the WORST!


I agree , there windows are very over priced and SUCK!!! The glass they use is terrible, feel drafts , glass is stained big patches of rainbow colors in glass .Horrible widows worst windows ever!!!!

And they don't warranty them! ***


Looks like the installer hadnt a clue, nothing the matter with the door


It is true that they hire unskilled workers to install their products, but a lock that will not function on a Lifetime patio door is not the installer's fault, it's the door and the locking mechanism, which was manufactured by Champion.

The wheels under the bypass screen are rusted out, and it too was guaranteed against any and all defects for a Lifetime.


Same here they charged me for deposit of windows they were never installed.I waited for three months called them and got the run around.... You are right they are scam artist..Lowe's came and put windows in and cleaned up in 2 weeks...


Jeff, if a patio door is not installed plumb and true...the locks wont line up....just a FYI

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