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We purchased a sliding vinyl patio door from Champion in 2010, and have had constant leaks since it was new. The design allows water to penetrate the INSIDE of your house along the track, which is recessed in a pocket or channel.

A fringe-like barrier separates the fixed and moving door panels, which does not keep out air or water. When it rains, mulch, dirt and even bugs can be seen floating in the pocket's water. A weep hole on the far end is supposed to let the water out, after it travels the length of the pocket, INSIDE your house. However, when ice and snow pile up outside, or dirt builds up on the sponge covering the weep hole, water OVERFLOWS the channel.

We have recorded photos and videos of this, which Champion verbally has denied could ever happen. Our carpet, wood door molding, and several basement ceiling tiles have all suffered water damage. Over multiple visits, Champion technicians claimed we lack enough trees to keep the weather away from the door, we're at a disadvantage because the door faces south, and we should simply clean the track once per year to prevent clogging. We feel this is a stunning deflection of responsibility.

(Note: We have to clean the track after EVERY rainfall from the dirty water that flows through the track pocket, inside our family room!) Technicians tried to prop up the middle of the door with shims to keep water from flowing along the inside of the track, thinking a slight angle would prevent it. They also carved a 2nd weep hole on the movable end. These solutions did not work. The photos shown here are from a short Jan.

2018 rainstorm. In 2017, water also started flowing UNDER the door due to the outside threshold separating from the door frame. The problem? Champion found the threshold which they installed was angled down toward the door.

The cheap caulking they applied around the frame in a 2011 repair also failed prematurely. This is simply unacceptable workmanship. By the way, since 2015, the glass on the fixed door panel now fogs up during warm humid conditions, indicating a broken seal, but we have not felt like paying another $99 for a service call. Champion continues to defend their design.

We continue to live with problem after problem with this door. We have seen other brands at people's homes and at home center stores, where the track sits on top of an angled threshold, not inside a channel. Water uses gravity and will always find a way down. We wish we had paid more attention to the track design when we looked at patio doors, but unfortunately you can't bring a garden hose to a showroom to test a door.

We can repeat water leakage in the channel with a garden hose. We keep towels in the pocket and on the carpet to keep the cold air from blowing in during the winter, and try to catch as much water as we can when it rains, so it doesn't overflow (as long as it's not icy outside). Now we also attach plastic sheeting over the bottom of the door outside whenever we need to leave for an extended period. Is this how other people deal with their patio door?

I seriously doubt it. We can't speak to their windows, but this continuing experience with our sliding door was enough to warrant posting this review about Champion's products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Champion Windows Door.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Champion Windows Pros: Sales presentation and product, Original installation process.

Champion Windows Cons: Quality, Poor follow up and concern for customer satisfaction.

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