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We had five windows replaced about eight years ago by Champion. During the original install, the workers tried to use pieces of mortar from the bricks to shim the windows.

I complained and they tried to say it would be fine. I insisted they use wood shims and they complied. They were warrantied against failure for life. All five windows have failed and are foggy.

One even has insects in between the panes of glass. I called in the beginning of November 2010 to get them replaced. The receptionist at first seemed so nice and so polite and told me she would order new windows and we would have them fixed in about six weeks.That was four months ago and today I was still told it would be another month, so much for a warranty. On the first trip to replace the windows and they did not have the right windows on the truck.

Champion Windows finally came and replaced the windows. They are clear and look nice except for one with a scratch which they said they will replace. The crew that came today was very nice and seemed very professional. They said that they had only worked for Champion for a short time but they did seem to know what they were doing and gave attention to detail.

Time will tell about the quality of the replacement windows. So we'll see. Champion Windows finally came today to replace the one sash that had the scratch. They brought a window without grids and all of mine have grids.

You'd think they could get one sash ordered correctly. Of course the local office blamed it on the factory not making it correctly. I'd more likely believe that the local office did not order it with the grids. What a joke.

So now I was told it will be another 8 weeks to order the new window. Really?!?

I'm still not done with Champion Windows. I would not recommend them to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Champion Windows Window.

Monetary Loss: $2900.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #699838

When installed right and with the right parts Champions products LAST. The contractors that champion hires that screw everything up.

As for the product if you want something that is going to last your going to pay more.

The best things in life are not free.


In 2012 we had Champion windows install all new windows in our house. Installion was very poor, they went so far as to install a shattered window.

The Division Manager sat in our kitchen and could not beleave how poor the instlation was done. He promised we would be totally happy when they finished the job. The Divison Manager also told us Champion Windows owes us a monetery compensation. We were pressureded to sign off the job by the installion manager or he would turn it over to legal.

We asked what happen to the Divison Manger we were told he went to the West Coast. The Divison Manager would not return our calls or text to his personal phone. I suggest you think long and hard before choseing Chamion Windows. Also our sliding windows leak water when closed and locked.

All of above is my opion and sould be taken as such. :( :(


We just moved into a house that has Champion windows. We also have the problem of insects inside the windows, and not small ones, but full-grown boxelder bugs.

These are the worst insect screens I have ever seen. If a large bug can get inside, surely cold air will not be stopped.


This doesn't match the national picture of Champion Window Company based in Cincinatt. Guild Quality does thousands of call behinds and you can see a true picture there. Www.guildquality.com


The wife and I decided to replace all of the windows in the house.We decided to go with Champion, what a mistake.Butter would not melt in the salesmans mouth.He seemed honest and trustworthy so we made the purchase. They were supposed to remove metal work around windows to install with wood.

My wife noticed,after several windows were installed that the installer just placed windows in old frames. She questioned the installer. He said he was doing what he was told to do. She then called the local office to question this.

They told her it was ok to install that way. she told them we paid to have them replaced with wood so they knocked a whopping $100 off the instalation. Later we found out that these type windows should never be installed on metal frames. Champion lied to us to keep from having to remove and reinstall the windows.

That was our first bad experience with them. After about 1 year the window glides started to fall apart. Window seals leak letting moisture form between panes of glass. When we called the office, in White Marsh,Md, the office personel were rude and did not want to face the fact that they have faulty windows.Now I have several that I can't even open.

What ever you do, do not even consider Champion. Good sales pitch but after that it's all down hill.

to Won't be burnt again #603037

Champion prides itself on made by us installed by us, blah blah. Truth is that they do put together their windows.

The glass comes from Cardinal Glass, they train their district Managers and sales reps to lie cheat and still in a very plesant tone. The do not have employees that install windows, they are all sub contractors, same for roofing and siding. Patio rooms are employees and are the unhappiest employees in the industry across the nation, they carry a 50% turnover rate and have gone through 3 CEO's over the last few years. They and their organization is a complete joke.

If your going to have a project completed I'd not use them. Ex Manager...

to Ex Employee Middle River, Maryland, United States #660745

I'm guessing you're the crazy one that got fired after threatening to kill everyone? Police came out and had to warn all of us to be careful.

to Ex Employee #820403

You are correct!

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